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In 2012, two well known dj’s & producers from St. Louis decided to team up & create the Serbian & Mexican Duo, Serbsican, consisting of Andrija Divac & Emilio Hernandez. Their electro bass lines & signature melody is what keeps you hooked & sweating on the dance floor. With their roots ranging from a broad spectrum of genres such as, House, Tech, Trance, Progressive & Rock, you will never hear anything quite the same. Their debut track “Passport” is supported by the likes of Zedd, Porter Robinson & Mord Fustang, just to name a few. For their 2nd track “Chicken & Waffles” they teamed up with the legendary Ron Carroll.

Born in St. Louis, Emilio Hernandez started djing at the age of 18. Influenced by Chicago house, his producing talent reflects that, making some of the grooviest beats around. With tracks and remixes in Collaboration with Chicago House Legend Ron Carroll, “World Summer”, “Twisted” & the remix of Bartosz Brenes hit “Back In Time” topped the house charts in 2012. With his broad range of musical talents, in late 2000 Emilio became the lead singer of the band Nothing Still. His incredible bass lines and production skills really bring out the beat in Serbsican’s tracks.

Also born in St Louis, Andrija Divac aka Protege, started djing in 1999. Since then he played some of the biggest venues in the St. Louis dance scene & opened for some big name acts. At the club, you can hear anything from trance to electro as Protege is influenced by a lot of different genres, but his energy in the booth is what keeps you going. In Late 2010, he started his production career, and released his first track “Escape” in 2011 & then “Planet” in 2012. With Trance influence, his melodic style brings a different aspect to the Serbsican vibe.